Chickpea - Lemon - Black Pepper • 12 pcs

Chickpea - Lemon - Black Pepper • 12 pcs

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Salty bar with whole chickpea, black pepper and lemon pieces.
Neaters delicious savoury bars are high in nutritional value and are made from pulses, herbs, vegetables and extra virgin olive oil.
Vegan - Gluten free - Source of vegetable protein - Source of fibre
Did you know that there is an increased demand for chickpeas in the market due to its nutritional value? Among legumes, chickpea has the highest protein bioavailability. At 100 grams, it has almost 9 grams of protein. It contains smaller amounts of folic acid, iron, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, selenium, magnesium, calcium, copper, manganese and antioxidants such as carotenoids and isoflavones.
Lemon, also known as Citrus Limon, belongs to the citrus group, which is the most important fruit tree crop in the world and lemon is the third most important citrus fruit after orange and mandarin. It is a good source of vitamin C as it is present in high concentration and bioavailable and to a lesser extent contains vitamins of the A and B complex.
Black Pepper, Piper nigrum, is the king of spices as it is the best known and most widely used spice. Did you know that piperine has multiple health benefits? In particular, it has been found to have antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects!
The high protein and fiber content of chickpeas make them ideal for those trying to lose weight as they provide a feeling of satiety which helps to reduce appetite and calorie intake. The high concentration of fibre lowers both total and 'bad' (LDL) cholesterol, helping to prevent cardiovascular disease.
Eating lemon can prevent the development of anaemia. The vitamin C it contains improves the absorption of iron, especially non-heme iron which is found in plant foods and is not so easily absorbed. Vitamin C, flavonoids and fibre may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and have been found to have anti-cancer properties.
Black pepper helps prevent and treat gastrointestinal disorders. Black pepper is rich in antioxidants, such as piperine, which bind free radicals and protect against cellular oxidation. Oxidation is an inevitable process that is responsible for various diseases such as inflammation, ageing, cancer and atherosclerosis.

  Per 100g *Per 35g **%RI per 35g
Energy 1655kJ/394kcal 579kJ/138kcal 7%
Fat 14g 5g 7%
Of which saturates 2,3g 0,8g 4%
Carbohydrates 55g 19g 7%
Of which sugars 1,4g 0,5g 1%
Fiber 4,4g 1,5g -
Protein 14g 4,9g 10%
Salt 1,2 0,43g 7%
*Average portion = 35g. The package contains one portion approximately.
**RI: Reference intake of an average adult.


Organic rice syrup (non-EU) (34%), oat flakes (EU) (24%), protein balls (15%) (pea protein, potato flakes, potato starch, sugar, salt), roasted chickpeas (7%), pumpkin seed, extra virgin olive oil (5%), tahini (contains sesame), flavouring, natural flavouring, salt, pepper, rosemary extract, emulsifier: polyglycerides of polyricinoleic acid.
May contain traces of gluten, milk, soy, peanuts or other nuts.
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